Welcome Project 365

 Posted by on January 17, 2014
Jan 172014

If you’ve found yourself reading today’s blog I can only assume you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the launch of Project 365. Thank you for showing interest in an epic new project in which I will probably lose my mind. In retrospect maybe I should have went for a reality television show. I already appreciate all of the love and support you’ve shown without having a clue what hairbrained journey I’ve created for myself… seriously, thank you.


Okay and without furthur adieu, welcome to Project 365.

As a creative person who owns a small business I find that time and energy are a fleeting commodity. The delicate line between designing for my clients and designing for the pure passion of discovery are often blurred, or obliviated. Often times I run out of hours in the day to follow through on a super cool idea because I’m simply too busy with the jobs that pay the bills. I’m going to be really honest here… I have some BADASS ideas that never see the light of day, such a shame. Without follow through I’m missing the opportunity to learn new techniques, experiment with products, and most of all better myself as a designer. Project 365 is that opportunity to EXPLORE!

Starting on Saturday, January 18th Project 365 will be launched. For the next year I will design one new “piece” every single day. Yep. Every. Single. Day. These are the nuggets that have been rattling around in my head for years – finally I can dust them off and show them to you! Every morning I will take 30-60 minutes to create and then photograph it for your viewing pleasure. You can find them all listed on this website under the Project 365 menu tab.


I’m diving into a creative pool of craziness here. I have no freakin’ clue what will happen when I’m sick, hungover or eyebrow deep in wedding season. Hey that’s life and here’s the thing … if I don’t try then I can’t succeed. I’m willing to take that risk – are you willing to support me? I’d love to know what you think of the things I’m creating along the way. These explorations will make me a more knowledgable, creative and diverse designer for future clients.

Now there’s no doubt in my mind that there will be a fair amount of insanity along this road. Hopefully I can discover new things about myself, become a better artist and perhaps even inspire a few along the way. If you have any pearls of wisdom or parting last words, please leave a comment below. Here goes nothing kids.signature-line




Committed to Love

 Posted by on October 14, 2012
Oct 142012

It’s that time of year again, Wedding Show Season! So if you put a ring it, now is the time to come meet your Portland/Vancouver area vendors and let the planning begin!

Friday the 12th set off Crave Design’s first wedding show of the season with COMMITTED Portland’s Indie & Alternative Wedding Event. It was a fun party with all of our favorite vendors and it was put together by the lovely ladies of Luxe Event Productions. If they can put together a rockin’ event like this, then you know they will make your wedding perfection.  The event took place at Castaway’s in downtown Portland, which has been a hot spot this year for weddings – check them out and book early for 2013!

Only the best of the best participated and the runway show was HOT! Gorgeous dresses from Charlotte’s Weddings and More and dapper duds for those men from Dutchess Clothier. Flawless makeup, beautiful headpieces and so much more. Visit the COMMITTED Event site to view website links to all of these talented vendors.

Drinks were flowing graciously by My Bartender and the beats kept us all in good spirits with the always entertaining Kevin of NW Mobil DJ’s. Now listen to me closely when I tell you… BOOK THESE PEEPS NOW! The best are hard to find (like unicorns) and they’ll book fast for 2013.

I’m honestly always in awe of all the talented businesses in Portland. I’m inspired and encouraged by them daily to keep on doing what I love. If you missed the Committed Bridal Show then I shed a tear for you –  but there is good news!! The next Luxe show will be Marry Me! on January 27th. So wipe those tears and circle your calendar – you know we’ll all be there to do it again in style. The Marry Me show was my personal favorite so you know I’m pulling out all the stops!

Thank you ALL for a fantastic kick off to bridal show season – to all you couples out there, I’ve given you the holy grail of Portland’s Best Vendors… you’re welcome.

AND a special thanks to ANIKO Productions who actually emailed me photos on my space this morning. On top of a busy weekend of shooting they managed to give me these gems. I’m grateful. Rebecca and Jerome are rockstars in my book. Did you know they do photography AND videography?! Hmm sounds like you should check them out NOW!


I went with a bakery theme this year – lots of cake stands and domed displays. Love is Sweet!

More photos to come so you better be following Crave Design on Facebook.

More Bang for Your Buck

 Posted by on February 22, 2012
Feb 222012

Who doesn’t love a good deal? With all those couponing television shows and blogs telling us where to save and squeeze our dollars it’s becoming a way of life – searching for the best deal. Honestly putting together a wedding is no different. You’ve searched through the websites/blogs/bridal shows to meet and research the very best vendors in your area. You’re listening to your friends/relatives/dogs about who did who’s wedding and for how much. Hopefully your interviewing your vendors, looking at their portfolios and reading their reviews online – oh no? Well you should be – that’s tip #1.

So here’s my two cents on hiring a “good deal” – it’s my blog and I can write it if I want to.  The “good deal” on paper is not always the best route – tip #2. Crave Design specializes in designing unique wedding invites – if you can dream it, I can put it all together for your event. Am I the only one out there doing this? Absolutely not. So you should meet me – I’m very nice. And you should look at my portfolio – it’s super fun. Then you should read my reviews – they’re very complimentary. Remember tip #1. There are other amazing local designers in Portland that I support with all my heart. They do exactly what I do but we all have our own style. Want a list? Leave me a message.

Now maybe you’ve decided that these local Portland designers are too expensive for your event, now you want to check out your other options. There are a million websites you can order from (there are actually some good ones) and a billion books to flip through.  Most, but not all of the time these are the “good deal”. You get style A with font B in color C delivered to your door in a box for you to assemble. Sounds fun, I got three of those invites last summer. Usually you make your friends assemble them with you and if they’re nice they’ll bring a bottle of wine. What could go wrong?

Lots of things can go wrong. What if the box is damaged? What if the ink is chipping of the paper? What if the paper is not what you though?! WHAT IF the envelope glue won’t stick!!!! Okay put down the wine you’re freaking out.  You can just call the company and reorder, allow a week or more for another deliver, fight over who’s going to pay for that order, and cry yourself to sleep that night. Sound fun? Yea, not so much.

Let’s assume you hired Crave Design and payed an extra $1 per invite, hypothetically. I’ll come and meet with you – hello, I’m a real person. Then we’ll hang out and talk about your wedding and what you need for your unique event. Want a custom graphic/logo/drawing of yourselves frolicing in Forest Part – no problem. Now I’m going to estimate some prices based on your decision. Ouch too much? No worries let’s make some changes – if you’re flexible I am too!

Here’s what happens when there is a problem with your order… you can pick up a phone and call me. I’m in the same town. Genius! Did one of your invites get damaged, did you run out of envelopes, do you need two more invites for some obscure relative your mom wants to invite? No worries I’ll get it done and drive it to your house. You didn’t need to order 50 extra invites from the book that will just go in the garbage either – just order what you need and call me if you need an extra.

So now you’ve paid an extra $1 per invite and received all this one on one attention. I’m totally invested in your wedding and I really love being a part of your special day – if I’m being honest it’s a huge honor. If something is wrong with your order I’m going to fix it immediately, plus you know where to find me! Your order is going to come all assembled and wrapped in ribbon and beautiful tissue paper not in a box to be assembled. Save your wine for movie night.

This is just all my opinion and observation throughout the years in the wedding industry. I’ve seen a lot and I think you can learn from my mistakes and those I’ve seen around me. Apply these tips when hiring all your vendors – bakery, photographers, florists, picking your gown – there are amazing local businesses. These services may cost a little extra but you get sooooo much more! And in my book that’s the “good deal”. Stress free. Gorgeous weddings. Hey it’s what we do!

Was this helpful? Leave me a note below…


Chopped for a Cause

 Posted by on February 1, 2012
Feb 012012

Today is a big day for me… after over five years I’m cutting most of my hair off! I wish I could say I let it grown because I had some sort of purpose for long hair, maybe a big event or something. Truth is that it grew and grew and grew and I had no idea what to do with it at all. During this time it even decided to change texture and become curly! Ya gotta love hormones. So I’ve enjoyed the long hair and it really was beautiful but it became too much to deal with. When you wear it up 90% of the time it’s okay to admit that it’s time for a change.

Over the years I’ve heard of the organization Locks of Love and somehow filed it away in my brain. Locks of Love is a wonderful organization that provides wigs made of real hair to children who have lost their own to cancer. “Our mission is to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children. The children receive hair prostheses free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need.” So now my long hair has a purpose and I have a new look! Winning!

I chose to go to a Urban Colorz Salon in Clackamas located  in the Sunnybrook Center next to Guitar Center and Sweet Tomatoes. Over the years I’ve know quite a few people who have gone here for a cut, color or perm and all have given rave reviews. Today I entrusted my hair to CJ who was referred to me by my best friend – a $20 referral discount was a good incentive! From the moment I stepped through the doors I felt comfortable and encouraged with my choice to chop of the locks. CJ was kind enough to humor me with taking photos for this blog post – thank you!


Okay so here are the before shots – the first photo is from the lovely Alice of Mosca Photo from the Marry Me bridal show. The next two are just before the snip snip:

Okay so whew that’s a lot of hair… here it is all braided as required by Locks of Love and chopped. I think probably there’s 12″ there and the required amount is at least 10″ so we’re good.

And now here’s the big reveal:

It feels good to do something nice for yourself and even better to do something nice for another person – this was really a great experience. CJ at Urban Colorz was amazing – she listened to everything I wanted and encourage me donating the hair. Apparently I can style this a million ways so I’m exciting to start playing around although it will take some getting use to for sure!

Now I have to say as great as this experience was I almost fell over when I got the bill. I’m sure you’re expecting me to say I paid too much – instead I tell you I got a ROCKIN’ deal! A haircut from CJ will run you about $40 but because I had a referral card from my friend I automatically received $20 off my visit. Also, she is offering a February Valentine’s Day special $15 off your visit – making my grand total $5! I just about passed out. When someone does an amazing job for you please make sure and extend it back. I might have paid $5 for the haircut but I made sure to give her the rest in a tip.

If you’re as impressed with CJ as I am please give her a call! She was kind enough to give me a stack of referral cards so you can get the same AMAZING deal that I did – $20 off your next visit – don’t forget about the February deal too.

Also please visit the Locks of Love site to read more about this non-profit organization. It’s easy to donate money or hair  for a great cause. Please leave me a message and let me know what you think. If you want a referral card let me know and I’ll get them out to anyone who wants one lisa@crave-design.com or leave a message below.

Do something great for someone else today and in return for yourself.

Join me @ Marry Me!

 Posted by on January 25, 2012
Jan 252012

Whoop whoop bridal show season is in full swing! Please join Crave Design this Sunday from 10-2pm at the Vancouver Marry Me bridal show. Follow all the vendors on Facebook through the Marry Me! page.

There will be approximately 50 wedding cakes in all of their glory displayed at this event on top of the fantastic list of vendor booths. Not only will we have a booth at the show but Crave Design will also be showcased with 20 of the lovely wedding cakes presented. Vendors are bring the inspiration boards that you love to life! Here are a few of the fun inspiration boards currently being worked on:

I can’t wait to see bakeries, florists and stationery designers come together to work this out! Stop by Crave Design’s booth to say hello and sign up for a free giveaway. FREE GIVEAWAYS!! Oh sorry I was afraid you missed that part. As an extra crazy incentive I’ll also be rockin’ the pink polka dot Violent Lips tatoos – AND WE’RE GIVING SOME AWAY TOO!


I know I know it’s almost too much to handle. Well just know that I’m working hard to make this an awesome show and bringing a little somethin’ somethin’ extra to the table. I’m excited to see all my vendor friends and even more excited to hear all about your upcoming wedding! Let me know if you have any questions… just type me a message below!

Words on Paper

 Posted by on January 16, 2012
Jan 162012

You’ll probably agree that a wedding invitation is much more than words on a piece of paper. It’s a personal invite to one of the most important days of your life. A well put together invitation will convey the theme/mood of your big day as well as serve as a memento of the memories shared. I love putting working with couples to create just the right invitation for all of their friends and families. Hearing about all of the details of your wedding and pulling that into a one of a kind invitation is how I created Crave Design.

This post is kind of a mini tutorial through the craziness that is wedding printing lingo. You may have never heard of offset printing or thermography but now you are paying large sums of money to have it done. Here’s what it’s all about and how to make an educated decision on what will work best for you. I’ve been wanting to write this for awhile and found a great post on BeauCoup on just this very topic. Enjoy!

Here are descriptions of some popular printing techniques:


This process dates back to the seventeenth century and is the oldest form of printing. It begins by etching the design and/or text into a copper plate from a negative. The paper is placed on the press face down above the inked plate. It is then printed by pressure coming down on the back of the sheet while the front of the sheet meets with the plate. This “sandwich” effect creates the raised lettering on the front and bruising on the back of the printed paper, which are both classic features of engraving. Typically you will receive the actual copper plate used for printing as a keepsake. Black ink is usually the best color for this style. Recommendations: This type of printing is quite a bit more expensive than thermography, so engraving is usually done for ultra-formal wedding invites, formal parties in general, or when there are few budgetary constraints. Engraving is also suitable for events with a large guest list since it becomes more cost effective in larger quantities. You will also have to allow for longer printing times, up to 4 weeks with some of brands.


If you want the look of engraved printing but you can’t afford it, then this method is a less costly alternative that comes close to the real thing. The process involves heat that joins ink and a resin-like powder together. The fusion of the materials results in the appearance of raised letters. If an invitation looks engraved but the paper behind the printing is smooth, you have thermographed printing. This printing process is fast-becoming the most popular choice for invitations. Recommendations: Thermography is one of the most popular printing method today. It is great for formal looking wedding invitations, colored inks, and if you can’t wait 4 – 5 weeks to receive your invitations.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping begins by etching the design and/or text into a copper plate from a film negative. The foil (not always shiny in color, as the name “foil” implies), which is a special mylar backed material, is applied to paper where the heated copper plate is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface. This leaves the imprint of the letter pressed into the paper. It has been made popular again by the revival of letterpress printing, since it produces a very similar look and feel. However, unlike letterpress, you are able to use the wide range of typestyle and motif choices available in the market today. Recommendations: This is used most commonly for formal wedding invitations with paper that has a heavy texture and grooves. This type of printing is expensive, and comparable in price to engraving.


This type of printing utilizes a movable type machine. The inked raised type is stamped onto the paper. The various typestyles on the market today are not available with this printing process, since the characters are pre-set and determined based on the machine itself (think of it like a typewriter). See “Foil Stamping” definition above for similar look and feel, yet more flexibility in typeface. It’s not easy to find printers that will provide this type of printing but if you find one that will, the effect will look best on handmade paper. Recommendations: This process is used most commonly for invitations that have unusual textured paper and is much more expensive than most other types of printing. It has been made popular again by Martha Stewart.

Lithography, Offset

This type of printing is probably what you’re probably most familiar with where an inked impression is made to a plate or a rubber cylinder and transferred to paper. Ink colors are mixed in cans from Pantone or RGB colors for exact matches. The printing appears as a flat image. Recommendations: This type of printing is most commonly used for textured papers or paper that can’t be produced via thermography, engraving or digital. It is probably the easiest printing method and one of the least expensive printing options.

Digital Printing

With advancements in technology over the past 10 years, the digital and offset printing worlds have finally collided. Huge offset presses by Heidelberg (one of the most renowned and prestigious offset manufacturers) are being replaced by high resolution, high quality Xerox digital printers by printing manufacturers all over the world. These prints produce remarkable results based on digitally-rendered files. The native digital file is sent directly to the digital printer, losing no image quality. Colors can cover the entire rainbow spectrum, and are as bold, vibrant and as comparable to color offset printing. The printing appears as a flat image.

Recommendations: This type of printing is most commonly used for smooth or lightly textured papers. It is the most economical way of printing (next to printing yourself on your own inkjet or laser printer) and a perfect solution for those wanting professional print quality at reasonable prices.


No ink is involved with this method. Metal plates that are etched with letters are stamped into paper so what is left behind is the imprint of the letter. You’ll be able to see this printing type on the borders of many invitations, addresses, and monograms. Recommendations: Embossing is best when used to accent an invitation, such as with borders, monograms, motifs, and the return address on the envelope flap. Embossing is an added cost, but well worth the visual 3-Dimensional effect it creates. You will only want to order embossing if you have 3-4 weeks to wait for your invitations to be printed.


For a fancy handwritten appearance calligraphy is always a beautiful option. Special pens and special ink along with someone who is skilled in the art of calligraphy can perform this task usually done for addressing. For a matching invitation, a print style can be used or, a calligraphic original can be made into a plate for engraving or as a model for offset printing.

Recommendations: Calligraphy is an option for invitations for a small wedding, unless you have an endless budget. More commonly, people have their guests’ addresses done in calligraphy on their inner and outer envelopes. The return address is usually printed on the envelope flap. If you are having a calligrapher address your envelopes, we recommend ordering your envelopes to be sent in advance, so when your invitations arrive your envelopes will already be addressed and ready to be stuffed.

Computerized Calligraphy

This method can be used for addressing and printing invitations. Many typestyles are available today that look just like calligraphy writing, but may be printed so that your entire ensemble, including addressed envelopes, will match in a calligraphic typestyle.

Recommendations: If you are a stickler for perfection, looking for a uniform typestyle, or would like calligraphy without the high price, this is a splendid option. You can have your envelopes addressed in the same typestyle as your invitation wording; everything will match perfectly and it will cost less than having them hand done by a calligrapher.

I’m excited to be working together with Alesia Zorn Calligraphy on this last printing option. Alesia creates the most beautiful “words on paper” and now we can scan in her images and drop them into your invitations. Now you can enjoy gorgeous calligraphy at an affordable price on each of your invitations. This makes my heart soar and we are working together on clients and samples. I hope to be able to post some soon!

Crave Design works with local print houses on creating all of these different printing options. If you have questions about any of these printing choices please call (503) 789-8531 or shoot me an email lisa@crave-design.com  I’m always happy to help!


Sunday FUNday!

 Posted by on January 9, 2012
Jan 092012

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a Sunday Top 10 list – although I am posting it quite late in the day. One of the things I love to make are fun wedding favors for my clients big day. I was going through some websites and found this great article off of La Belle Bride that I thought everyone would enjoy. If you’re interested in making something unique and yummy for your big day contact Crave Design!

10 Top Edible Wedding Favors

Trust me, your guests will thank me…and rest assured that every single one of them can easily be DIY wedding favors too!

Number 1: Granola Wedding Favors

This one comes care of our DIY Wedding Ideas section so the recipe and downloadable template can be found here!

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 2: Coffee Bean Wedding Favors

I don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee. Sorry. I don’t. Coffee lovers are EVERYWHERE so this caffeinated favor is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Photography by Andrea Dozier Photography

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 3: Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

I saw these over on Ruffled and nearly died. So cute and perfect for the winter months!

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 4: Gingerbread Box Wedding Favors

We had SO MUCH FUN making these for our DIY Wedding Ideas section. They were DELICIOUS and come on, they’re super cute too. All instructions can be found here.

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 5: Fruit Wedding Favors

This ideas comes from an adorable DIY wedding we featured by Rachel Thurston Photography. In this case the bride chose grapes as her favor. Simple. Cute. Delish.

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 6: Cookie Wedding Favors

This really needs no explanation as to why it’s on the list. Cookies rule. These delicious options come care of the Martha. She knows her cookies.

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 7: Jam Wedding Favors

My mom used to make jam every year so this one is especially nostalgic for me. A bit more time consuming if you fresh pick the berries and all, but could be an awesome pre-wedding event with some ladies in the family.

Photo by Joshua Caine via Once Wed

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 8: CANDY Wedding Favors!

Still a super popular option in the wedding world. But we’re loving it with a vintage twist from our dear friend Steph Bubble! Full instructions and downloadable details can be found in our DIY section.

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 9: S’mores Wedding Favors

Cute and campy. Another adorable DIY idea via Once Wed. Once Wed and La Belle Bride are not responsible if you can’t eat just one s’more (thus the name?).  Or if you get marshmallow in your hair.

Photography by Martha Manning | Paper goods by Miss Pickles Press

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Number 10: Caramel Apple Wedding Favors

Geesh. I’m considerably hungrier now than when I first started this post. Sky’s the limit with these candy apple favors. Decorate like crazy or go for the good ol’ fashioned caramel dipped. Yum!

Photography by Beaux Arts Photographie via Once Wed

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

PZ a part of Me

 Posted by on January 6, 2012
Jan 062012

As you may or may not have heard a local business will soon be no more… the Paper Zone a Seattle based company will very shortly be closing their doors. Paper Zone carried a large selection of gorgeous papers, envelopes, scrapbooking supplies and stamps. Their staff has always been super creative, helpful and a huge part of the community. I will miss Paper Zone for many reasons and in this post you will see how Paper Zone has been a big part of my life.

I went to college at the Art Institute of Portland and received a bachelors in graphic design. Along the way I met and studied under some very talented people. I learned a lot about where to shop for supplies and heard about a small paper supply store down from my home in Vancouver (at the time).  I had a free afternoon one day to stop in and it BLEW MY MIND! I probably spent over an hour in there. The staff asked me over and over if I was finding everything okay. I just nodded with my eyes wide and said I’d never seen so many fantastic papers under one roof. I told them I was a student and I had just discovered the store. They smiled, laughed and told me to take some samples. I said even these shinny ones?! Oh Stardream my love affair with you began that day.

Once I graduated from college I quit my day job and tried to find something in graphic design. It was another down economy and I realized I needed a job just to pay the bills. I figured I loved Paper Zone so much why not just apply there? The manager at time hired me that same day to start at the Portland location on Grand Avenue. At this time Paper Zone also sold merchandise online and it was run out of the same building as the Portland location. A week after I started in the store the associate running the website quit. Management needed to fill the spot quick and said, hey don’t you know computers?! Uh yea I can do that. I ran the Paper Zone website by myself for over three years and it was pretty darn fun.

After working in the upstairs warehouse alone for so long it was nice to hear that the Beaverton store wanted me to move there to be the assistant manager. I loved the manager of that store so much I thought it would be a blast – and it was! After only a year I took over as the manager. All in all I worked for Paper Zone for a little over six years and that’s nothing compared to a lot of associates who were employed by this local company. I worked with the corporate office and many other stores. I made a ton of friends and learned a whole lot about paper. After quitting to run Crave Design full time, Paper Zone even contracted me to make samples for their stores and trade show events. After all this time I still value the things learned from this company and of  course all the AMAZING associates who gave it their all.

While working at Paper Zone I started Crave Design. Customers just kept asking me, “What would you do?”. It came down to the fact that I did know what I would do and I wasn’t about to keep giving it away for free. Paper Zone gave me the confidence to start up my own business. They gave me a sort of creative freedom and that’s just plain unique. The people I worked with on a daily basis gave me inspiration and being management gave me business savvy.

So you see I really wouldn’t be where I am today without the love of paper and Paper Zone. I watched a lot of stores close while still working for the company and it was heart breaking. But really friends, nothing is more heart breaking than seeing all the stores close for good. I’ve been to each store once since the announcement and I’ve stashed away my favorite papers. It’s hard to see a local business close when you are one yourself. I try not to ponder how I will make it when many have not. It really is important to shop local. It’s why I drive 30 minutes from my home to a local print show run by a family I adore.

The doors are still open and what is left is 30% off. Check out their blog while you still can and maybe find some inspiration along the way.

Baby shower samples made for Paper Zone in 2011.

** Got a fun memory about Paper Zone? Leave a comment below! **

Come Meet Me!

 Posted by on January 5, 2012
Jan 052012

I’m excited to be participating in the first annual bridal show, A Country Affair in the “Most Exciting Place to Live” Boring, Oregon.  What an great opportunity for brides on the eastside of Portland and outskirts to meet some local talented vendors. I’m often traveling to Aloha and Lake Oswego to meet up with people which is fun for me as I like to drive, but it’s funny that I’ve not met any of the lovely vendors who live just down the street from me.

So please join me in meeting and talking with over 20 different vendors on Saturday, January 14 from noon-5pm. Meet photographers, planners, caterers and rental companies all in one afternoon. Location is at the Boring Grange Hall and the best part is admission is free! Visit their website for additional questions or if you need directions – A Country Affair.

Curious about who will be there? Check out their vendor list!

Welcome 2012

 Posted by on January 1, 2012
Jan 012012

I hope you all had fun bringing in the new year! Here’s to hoping all your resolutions come true.  I’m excited to start working with couples who brought in 2012 by “puttin’ a ring on it!” All those newly engaged couples are welcomed with open arms as they start planning their nuptials. This year I’m hoping to devote more time bringing you interesting tid bits you can use for your wedding or a fun event. After all, Crave Design loves a good party and we wouldn’t miss making yours extra special.

Okay so there’s a new little product I discovered while shopping over the holidays at Ulta (beauty supply store). It’s kinda funky and fun and maybe a little over the top – seriously ladies sometimes we need to go “little” over the top. How do  you feel about press on tattoos? A little too much like childs play right? Well what if I told you they make a press on LIP tattoo? What?! Get outta town??!?!?! I’m serious and they are AWESOME!

Violent Lips is a company that makes temporary lip appliques in a bunch of designs that are funky and sexy. An American made product that was created by two little girls who’s father is in the entertainment industry. Right there I’m totally sold. I’m supporting an American made product and a business started by two young ladies – Girl Power! So please visit their website Violent Lips to read more about the company.

These lip tattoos come in a pack of 3 for about $15 and can be purchased at Sephora or Ulta. In doing research I’ve noticed that the website has some really great sales, so maybe you want to take advantage of that too. All you need to apply the tattoo is some water and a nice chapstick or vitamin E to moisturize you lips after you’ve applied the design. They last approximately 8 hours and can be easily removed with makeup remover or baby oil. Eat, dance, drink and your design will stay in place. I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos and it’s easy to apply and touch up with lipstick if needed.

I’m just so in love with something so simple and temporary! I personally purchased the Pink Polka set. However, I need some event to rock them at or a night out on the town with some girls. Wouldn’t it be fun at a bachelorette party? Crave Design could whip up some fun invitations and include a applique sheet for each girl – then when they arrive everyone would be wearing them! Endless possibilities.

There are a couple of  really great YouTube videos out there if you are interested but would like a little more information  Lip Tutorial and How to apply the Glitterati collection. Both videos are supper informative and will make you run out the door to purchase these fun new accessories.

Okay so let me know what you think by leaving me a message below this post. Is this something you would want to try? Where would you where them? I’m also curious if you do try them let me know what you think. Don’t you think this is an innovative idea?! Happy New Year’s to all of you – the Glitteratti collection would have been perfect for New Year’s Eve, lol.